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When I was just 7 years old, my nanny subjected me to child sex trafficking. While my mom was in the hospital and my father was traveling for work, the trafficker took me to private homes and hotels, so adult men could rape me. 

In the years since, I've found healing through trauma-informed counseling, creative expression and advocacy. In Texas, I now support trafficking survivors through their recovery process. I share what I have overcome to encourage others to value their lives, voice their truth and reach out for help. This trauma is devastating, but there is healing and hope on the other side.

Child Sex Trafficking occurs when abusers use threats, violence, lies, or coercion to control children and force them to participate in sex acts. Many victims report that these acts take place in hotels or motels, so traffickers can stay on the move and evade law enforcement. And many of these children -- often runaways or homeless youth -- don't realize they're being trafficked, because they think the abuse is part of a normal relationship or something they have to endure to get their basic needs met.

But Connecticut just passed a groundbreaking piece of legislation, the first of its kind in the U.S. The state is now requiring hotels and motels to post signage in a visible place spelling out what trafficking is. The notice must contain information on how to get help by contacting the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline. The law also requires all hotel and motel staff in Connecticut to receive mandatory training on how to recognize victims and activities commonly associated with human trafficking.

A law like this could help children who are trafficked in Texas. Please sign my petition asking Texas to pass a law like Connecticut's to help human trafficking victims.

Be sure to click on this petition's photo to play a video of Brooke telling her story. Hear more stories from inspiring women like Brooke by visiting Real Women Real Stories on Facebook.

Watch the full video below and then scroll to the top of the page to sign the petition. 

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